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Default Roy Orbison

Dutch TV this weekend showed a Roy Orbison tribute, from his early days till after his death.

I only saw the last 30 minutes, when it came to the time that he did his last album and joined the Wilburys.

They had a Roy interview where he told the well known story which got the Wilburys together - the dinner with George and Jeff - and his feeling about those two.

It also had Bono talking that Roy came to a U2 concert, and without Bono knowing that Roy was there, after the show Bon sat in the dress room with a guitar and tried to get a Roy kind of song together, which became It's A Mistery To Me. Whilst playing one of the crew told him that a certain Roy and Barbara wanted to meet him. Roy came in and was so impressed by the concert. That's where it started with them working together.

Bono mentioned the same thing that George mentioned many times; Roy just stood there, and it was like nothing in his face was moving, like he was not singing, but the sound he produced was so magnificant.

So you see how different characters Bono, George, thought the same about Roy.

Jeff Lynne ofcourse also reviewed his working with Roy and he reffered to it that he had some persons which he looked up to, amongst those being George and Roy, and ended up working with them. Jeff was shown whilst playing the piano parts on 'You Got It' in his studio, those well known one finger ticking which I could now very well see whilst he was doing it. The ones he uses a lot, like on Real Love.

One of the last interviews with Roy was the basis of this documentary, which is quite impressive.

Don't know the origin of it.

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