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Originally Posted by jonesingjay View Post
Not that I know. Whenever they have spoken of Hamburg, Paul and Ringo aren't ones to do into detail about the group's sexual exploits.

They do speak about the use of Prellies, drinking, and the carousing they did. If they mention the sex stuff, it doesn't go into graphic detail.

I do recall Paul saying that it was common for him to walk in on John with a girl, and apologetically step out of the room.

I hadn't heard of John being serviced by a transvestite. I did hear a story about The Beatles setting up a visiting mate as a practical joke with a known transvestite. Only to tell him after the fact that the woman who'd given him a blow job was really a man.

You're right. It could be a humorous read. The kind of book that should be taken with a grain of salt though.
I stand corrected after watching the video below, I could have sworn it was Klaus but it seems that it was actually Horst Fascher who commented in The Beatles "Biggest Secrets" fast forward to about 10:00 minutes into this first part to hear more about "Monika's Bar" ....

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