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Originally Posted by CWW View Post
FP seems to have an idea that George only strayed in his Patti years, some 40 years ago and not in the Olivia years..this is what most people think,a nd a common perception but it is not true and Olivia is saying so. I would rather not talk about any of this, but i know quite alot that i will not speak of or give details in a public forum out of respect to George and Olivia and i will leave it at that.[
I respect you do not open up.

I also for instance know a few women who really met George and how that went and to be prude in life I have never been able to myself, it's just the balance here how people see George in his whole life but well that is a choice. Certain people here of who I thought loved George now have different thoughts about him, ok so be it.
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