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Originally Posted by CWW View Post
People portaying George as a "prude" have an overly idealistic view of him. He grew up in the 60's and emebraced free love and drugs, he was far from perfect, even in the 90's - and he'd be the first to say so.
I have come to accept George for who he was, not for my idea/fantasy of him. The real George - vunerabilities, faults and insecurities - and that means so much more than an ideal or fantasy that does not exist except in someones imagination.
the truth is the truth, but as you say why should we focus on gossip, or someones personal life like that..This is all insignificant in the scheme of things, lets focus on George's Music, words, message and spirituality..not the women he saw pre or post 1974.
Well said, CWW, thank you, sure helped me. :-)
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