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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
Okay one more comment and then it is over for me and the ladies here who love to have all these thoughts about George can just have it.

Pattie's book, Eric's Ron Woods statements all go back to before Olivia's time, 1974, what Olivia said was more related to possibly the highest standard of flirts.
FP as you know i am no lady!!

I dont like this topic or the media that has caused it..

As ive said i do know alot of details about this, and it is not something i would post in public, so read into that what you will. I will leave it at that, and trust you know what i'm talking about.

the truth is the truth, but as you say why should we focus on gossip, or someones personal life like that..This is all insignificant in the scheme of things, lets focus on George's Music, words, message and spirituality..not the women he saw pre or post 1974.
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