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Originally Posted by Jeanvolt View Post
Thank you, FPSHOT.

I was totally shocked by what I read here and George being referred to as another typical rock star, so I'm really interested to know what those allegations are based on.

What I know about George is that he got married at the age of about 23 while he could've enjoyed a life of extramarital affairs having those groupies around all the time if he'd been that kind of guy, and what alienated Pattie was his "increasing religious explorations, extreme work ethic, and personality changes"...

Still, I'm not trying to create an image of a perfect, impeccable George, sure he was a human, but what I'm trying to say is that he wasn't into another typical rock star life.
All the Beatles cheated PROLIFICALLY on their wives/girlfriends in the 60's..Infact the only Beatle id put money on never have cheated on his spouse ( ironicallY) is Paul with Linda, and even then i am not 100% sure on the early days. Certainly he cheated on Jane Asher alot..

the Dark Horse definition and Georges understanding of what it was when he named his record company and the song is very was NOT about the horse coming from behind to win the race..

FP seems to have an idea that George only strayed in his Patti years, some 40 years ago and not in the Olivia years..this is what most people think,a nd a common perception but it is not true and Olivia is saying so. I would rather not talk about any of this, but i know quite alot that i will not speak of or give details in a public forum out of respect to George and Olivia and i will leave it at that.

People portaying George as a "prude" have an overly idealistic view of him. He grew up in the 60's and emebraced free love and drugs, he was far from perfect, even in the 90's - and he'd be the first to say so. Some people do not belive in monogamy or even think is natural - that is another whole argument and is not one for me to say who is right or wrong. he was a pisces - a contradiction in so many ways..the enlightened spiritualist, and also very hedonstic in other ways (motor racing etc)

As i say, i would rather not be talking about this at all as it is not my favourite aspect of George or what i choose to focus on, but the "Saint George" brigade that think he enevr looked at another woman and didnt have flaws have their heads in the sand. I have come to accept George for who he was, not for my idea/fantasy of him. The real George - vunerabilities, faults and insecurities - and that means so much more than an ideal or fantasy that does not exist except in someones imagination.

George was never a 'typical rock star' but he certainly did indulge in activities of 'typical rock stars' from time to time. And how could you ever fault him for that?!
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