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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
I believe it is just very sad that people here remember George as a man who had a certain period 40 years ago in stead of remebering his total life, but again, it says a lot about this forum where most things go about his hair and naughty dreams.

It's good there are other places and oppurtunities to talk about George with respect and a lot of fun and interest.
OMG if you are so sad about it FPSHOT, please stop going on about it...if for no other reason but for MY sake because I am so sick of reading about the disrespect and dishonour and horror of it all when actually this is the biggest mountain out of a molehill ever. You have said this so many times on this thread.

A lesson from life that I have recently been reminded of is that you need to surround yourself with people and places and things that make you feel good and that you enjoy and just be done with the rest of it that doesn't make you happy. On that note I would suggest that if this place is so offensive to you, spend some more of your time at these other places where it is clearly more to your liking. I think from what you have written in some of your posts, that was your intention but then I just keep reading the same thing on here over and over. It must be pretty tiring for you. Give yourself a break, man!
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