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Originally Posted by Jeanvolt View Post
Thank you for the answer, Hari's Chick.

As for the term Dark Horse my dictionary suggests: "a person about whom little is known, especially one with unexpected abilities." which also suits the context there and now I'm starting to realise that George has been indeed a 'Dark Horse' through all these years, remaining so unknown to people that they even call him a slut...
You're welcome. :)

Well, isn't the most important definition the one George gave it though?

from page 288 in "I, Me, Mine"...

"Dark Horse is the old story. 'Mr Penguin's poking Mrs Johnson from the co-op.' 'Oh really! Who'd have thought that- he's a bit of a Dark Horse, isn't he?' I didn't know til later the other idea of a dark horse- the one that wins that nobody has put any money on."

I remember in the interview I saw, he was also musing about "Okay... I'll open up... I'm a dark horse... who'd 've ever thought? ... running on a dark race course, cuz that's what it is..."

That part was in there, too.

For the people who think George was a monastic, have they not heard "Simply Shady?" Did they think that was about trees?

Thing is, who cares, I think George would likely laugh at being called a slut. He wasn't all prissy and proper... he was funny. The one who called him a slut was misfittoy, and she is a fan not a hater.

George was giggling about being a dark horse cuz he was mischeivious. He said he was impressed with Roy because he knew all the words to a dirty Python song. It does George a disservice to try to make him into some boring old stodgy moralist.

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