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Laraine, I found your input interesting and you offer a perspective that many have not considered. That is the hallmark of good discourse.

FPSHOT, I even said in my first post that you have a long history of good input here. Please keep that in mind. I DO care about George; I did not use the term which you found so upsetting. I never once said I supported that claim. It is not for you to decide who cares about George and to what degree. In truth, you really don't know that. Just as others don't have the right to make the same claim about you.

Originally Posted by Rellevart
Maybe everybody just has different views of what "respect" means. I respect George as a great guitarist, a great songwriter and an interesting person. Was he perfect? Nope. As are none of us either. I don't think acknowledging that somebody's not perfect means that you don't respect them. Are some people (men as well as women, the "girlie" comment was unneccesary and inaccurate) going to go the gossippy route? Yeah, probably. Is insulting them going to make anything better? No, not really.

Two points here....the first part of this sentence may be true, but the second part isn't and nobody ever said it was. That part of it was written and put into people's minds

The other point is I don't think anybody would "label" George as these things. Most people would , if they had to label him at all, label him as a musician, a gardener, a person searching for meaning in his life...those other things may have been part of his life too, but nobody's labeling him that way....
Well said Rell.
With a love like that, you know you should be glad, yeah, yeah, yeah!-- Beatles, 1963

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