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Default Re: Ringo Says Beatles Were Not A \'Boy Band\' Like Today\'s Male Pop Groups

Who CAN compare with Lennon and McCartney? No one- even the Bee Gees, who came the closest, are just a whisper of the two lads. But they were still a boy band in the beginning.
<font size="2" face="Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif">First of all...The Bee-Gees? You have to be kidding. Not Bob Dylan, or even George himself were better song writers than the Bee Gees? They were much better than the Bee Gees. Anyway, I think a huge difference (the biggest difference) between boy bands and a group of boys in a band, is INSTRUMENTS!!! Tell me, what instruments do the backstreet boys play? And where are the backstreet boys or nsync or another generic boy band now? Let's not forget the beatles STILL sell records....40 years later!
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