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Default Re: Ringo Says Beatles Were Not A \'Boy Band\' Like Today\'s Male Pop Groups

I don't know- the screaming girls? the pin-ups? Cute quips? Singing harmony? OF COURSE they were a "boy band." It's just that two of the boys were Lennon and McCartney- who developed into two of the greatest songwriters of the century.

Who CAN compare with Lennon and McCartney? No one- even the Bee Gees, who came the closest, are just a whisper of the two lads. But they were still a boy band in the beginning. All the songs were love songs- and if you remember- Lennon said that not one of them alone could have made it, that all four were different, so girls could get into at least one of them and they could mop up them all. It's just that Boy Band is now a term of derision so Ringo wants to disassociate himself with it.
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