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Originally Posted by lennonluvr9 View Post
Now I'm confused. Is he actually being inducted? I know he's getting that award, but is that the same thing as being inducted? Either way, I'm glad he's getting some recognition finally.
I assumed he was being inducted just on the glimpse of where! But looking closer he will be receiving the "Ahmet Ertugen lifetime achievement award"

To clear this up:

The non-performer category honors "songwriters, producers, disc jockeys, record executives, journalists and other industry professionals who have had a major influence on the development of rock and roll. Several of the inductees in this category were in fact prominent performers as well. The inductees in this category are selected by the same committee that chooses the early influences. The full process is not transparent and it is unclear who comprises this selection committee.This category has been criticized for inducting those that have "been coming to the dinner for years and paying for their tickets" and not revealing their full criteria. In 2008, this category was renamed the "Ahmet ErtegŁn Award".
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