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Default A disgrace to George

I find it unbelievable how people talk about George here regarding the documentary.

The main thing people talk about is George and women.

As if this is a new thing.

Like the wife swap with Ron Wood is something new. It's like tomorrow someone will write that Yesterday used to be Scrambled Eggs.

People call George a slut and it is all allowed, even by the moderator here.

George a slut???

Is that all you people remind you of George???

I find it a big disgrace that this is what is going on about George here the past weeks

George a slut?

All this about George and women, do you really have no respect for George anymore.

Is this mainly girlie forum all you are interested in?

I was watching an interview with Dhani and Jeff last night and there they talk about George's life and that is what I share elsewhere now with people which is wonderful and respectful.

I am glad to be able to talk with people elsewhere about George in a respectful way and share beautiful memories about his life and what a beautiful man he was, but to see what goes on here makes me sick.
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