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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
I was reading this earlier this evening. I'm not sure how much to believe, how much is from Olivia and Dhani, and how much is from the British Press.

Yeah i am a little surprised by the 'turn' or 'talk' at least of some of this movie..In reality i figure this will probabaly make up about 5 minutes worth of the 3 and half hour movie and as George (and Olivia) like "the truth" i applaud them for their honesty..George would HATE a vanity or ego piece. However as we know the media love to and gossip sells so there is a bit of a field day going on..

As for Madonna, i really dont think so?! Despeite the view this article says about George 'reading Sean the Riot act' and treating Madonna with Kit Gloves i have heard George publicly critising Madonna and her beahviour,a nd he made it clear he was no fan. As for Sean penn he said he was a great guy and had many laughs with him..sounds like he was more friendly with him, and didnt really get along with Madonna. As for George i know he hadstandards, i mean her music was so bad George surely wouldnt have gone there!! :P
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