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These days you gotta beware, so I have been busy with Beware Of ABCKO, not only my non-Canadian but very true friend, but also one who knows about Boot Legs

Art Of Dying
Beautiful Girl
Run From The Mall

which confirms to me how lucky we as Beatles people are to have access to the studio, the insight of George, what he was creating and sometimes came up to the official release desk so much longer after these demos, of which there are still a lot in the archives.

It also includes Everybody Nobody which seems like a try out on some chords, and which became "oh.....Sir Frankie Crisps" even though George's thoughts which were reflected in this bootleg are still so accurate..

Listening to this bootleg makes me again realise that those statements of people saying George really came out with this album giving all those songs he had left behind in his Beatles period, are worth a dialogue, because it was just part of what was there.

I say, this was onle partly a Country/Bob album, but not a 'this is me' album, he left so much for later.... he knew... he knew it could be left for later..
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