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Default Re: Are you a Beatle freak?

1. When you wake up in the morning the first thing you see is a Beatles picture?--yuppers! I've got the 'Beatles For Sale' cover pic on a poster

2. After having been hit on the head with a heavy object, do you see little Beatle birds fly around your head?--i dont remember being hit with a heavy object, but if i did, im sure id see beatle birdies

3. Do you own every Beatle record every made, even the Christmas albums?--no

4. When you look at a person's face can you pick out their Beatle features, such as a Ringo nose, or Paul McCartney eye lashes? --yupyup

5. Do you scream frantically when you hear them on the radio?--of course

6. Do you scream frantically when you see the Beatles on TV?--yes there are many screams amidst the "PAUL IS SO SEXY" comments

7. Do you scream frantically when they drop by your house? (who wouldn't?)--duh

8. Can you name their songs by the very first note when they are played on the radio?--probably

9. When someone mentions the Beatles, does everyone stop and look at you?--uh huh

10. When the Anthologies came out, did you camp outside the music store?--didnt like the beatles then ::cry::

11. Are your kids named after the Beatles? dont have kids, but i want twins named Julian and Julia and a boy named Lennon (like Liam from Oasis' kid!)

12. Are all your bookmarks on the internet Beatle related?--yes indeed

13. Do you sing Beatle songs in a Liverpudlian accent?--they wouldnt be true beatles songs without it

14. Do you sing Beatle songs in the shower, at the office, in your car, in shopping malls, etc.?--yes siree

15. Did you miss your wedding, honeymoon, birth of your baby, a date, to watch the Beatles Anthology on TV?--::cry::

16. Does your Christmas list have the word Beatle infront of every item?--yupyup!

17. When doing any type of activity, is there Beatle Music in the background?--indeed ::bobs head to "Come Together"::

18. Will your tombstone read "Beatles Forever!"--no, it will read "Here Lies Katie who got hit by a Yellow Submarine" (dont ask)

19. Have you seen every Beatle movie ever made?--havent seen Let it Be

20. Do you own a dog named Martha?--i would if i had a dog

21. Is it your life long dream to marry a Beatle look-a-like?--no, my life long dream is to marry a BEATLE

22. Have you cut your hair so you can look like a Beatle?--yup! a few months ago my hair looked like John's in the White Album era

23. Or do you have a Beatle wig?--no

24. Does your closet mainly consist of Beatle T-shirts and Ties?--grr, no, i only have 2 beatles shirts not counting my four England shirts

25. Do your family albums look more like Beatle scrapbooks?--i dont make family albums

26. Instead of the "Wedding March" being played for the Bride at your wedding you had them play "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds"?--i would be the bride at my wedding, but im not married

27. Do you celebrate all of the Beatle's birthdays, including their manager's, and their producer's, and their wive's, son's, daughter's, and even dog's?--yupyup

28. When you go out to clubs, do you carry your own assortment of Beatle music incase the DJ would run out of stuff to play?--of course, since all they have is twist and shout!

29. Does your car license plate say "LUVBEATLS"?-- dont have a car, but i want my license plate to read "HPPYBUS" or "YLLWSUB"

30. Do you have all the scripts of their movies memorized?--of course

31. Are you still writing Ringo in for President when you go to vote?--cant vote, but thats a good idea there

32. Do you have a bumper sticker that reads "Turn left at Greenland"?--no, but ill have to get one

33. Was your child's first word Beatles?--probably

34. Do you feel that in your house there just isn't enough space for you Beatle memorabilla?--howd you know?!

35. Is your lucky charm a lock of Beatle hair from 1964?--no, its a lock of Beatle hair from 1965

36. Did you think that the file type 'jpg' stood for John, Paul, George?-- it doesnt?

37. Do you go to sleep with the sounds of 'Goodnight' and wake up to the sounds of 'Goodmorning, Good morning'?--yupyup

38. When you won an award to put on the wall in your office, did you leave it sit on the floor because you couldn't part with all your Beatles Posters and Pictures?--yuppers

39. Do you adopt the English slang and use it in everyday conversations hoping that it becomes the new craze again?--yes! its so fun!

40. When a lyric from one of the Beatle's songs comes up in conversation, do you sing the rest of the song out loud?--yuppers

41. Are the only things that you can draw well are cartoons of the Beatles, the Yellow Submarine, and an Apple?--that and their instruments

42. Do you dress like a Beatle i.e., four rings on each hand, and an ID Bracelet on your left hand, the pants (or was that the Rutles), a hat like John Lennon's from 1964, and Ringo Boots?--sometimes yes, but i usually dress like their wives and girlfriends

43. Did you spend your life savings on a pilgrimage to England, a house with three of your other friends exactly like the on in Help!, and a piece of sacred memorabilia touched by a Beatle?--i dont have a life savings yet...but thats what i plan to spend it on

44. When in a debate do you refer to the lyrics of a Beatles songs for facts or a quote from a Beatle?--yes

45. Do you want your last words to be 'And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make'?--sure! thatd be awesome

46. When you go into a chat room, is your first question 'Who loves the Beatles?'--yup, unless im in a beatles chat room

47. If someone says that they do, do you only communicate with them?--indeed

48. Do you find that all of your friends love the Beatles as well?--yup, or else they wouldnt be my friends

49. Did you take up Yoga, go to India, and take lessons on the sitar?--ive had many'a mental trips to India

50. If asked could you do a monologue of one of the Beatles movies?--thats a good idea!

51. Did you paint your VW Beetle like a scene in Yellow Submarine?--nope, the wall in my bedroom

52. Did you read Anatomy of a Murder just because it was in AHDN?--no, but theres another good idea

53. Have your neighbors nicknamed you, "That weirdo Beatle freak that lives down the lane?"--yes, or the beatle freak who loves tape

54. Do you own a Beatles Woven Throw of "Sgt. Pepper" or "With the Beatles" and sleep with it every night?--i wish! theyre so frickin expensive

55. Did you weave your own Beatles Woven Throw because you didn't like the album covers that they made?--i would if i knew how to weave

56. Do you get mad everytime another singer breaks the Beatles world records in the music entertainment industry?--yup, die idiots die!

57. Have you ever started screaming at the TV when someone gets a question about the Beatles wrong on Jeopardy?--OH MY GOD! THEY ARE SUCH IDIOTS!

58. Do you call every Radio Station in your area to make sure they play a Beatles song atleast once a day . . . or twice . . . or infinity?--of march my band was playing Lucy in the Sky for our schools variety show and we called the oldies station like 50 times to get them to play LSD during the Fab Four at Four

59. Do all your dreams at night consist of the Beatles?--sometimes

60. When on vacation, will you only go to where the Beatles once stayed and visited?--yeah! thats why i wanna go to NYC so badly

61. Did you teach your parakeet to sing Beatle songs?--i dont have a parakeet

62. Do people hate to come over to your house because your movie collection only consists of Beatle movies?--i dont think so...

63. Are people finding it harder and harder to buy you gifts because you own almost everything that has ever been produced in Beatles merchandise?--not really

64. Did you mod podge your Palm Pilot with Beatle pictures? (see Beatleize your Palm Pilot)--dont have a palm pilot

65. As an unusual, and might I add disgusting, talent can you burp all the Beatles songs, frontward and backward?--ew

66. Do people make you a Beatle Birthday cake every year?--not really, i like cake tho!

67. Was the first webpage you ever made about the Beatles?--yes!, ALL YOU NEED IS BEATLES!

68. Do you wish your favorite talk show hosts would have Paul, George, and Ringo on more often?--yea really

69. Do you have Lennon glasses that you wear whenever you play The Beatles?--yupyup, a Lennon cap too

70. Are the only songs you can play Beatles songs?--no, i do like other music too!

71. Is there a Beatles CD in your CD player at all times?--see #70

72. Did you buy the March 2001 edition of "Allure" because there was a picture of Stella McCartney in it?-no

73. Do you go through witdrawl if you don't get your daily Beatle dosage?--certainly

74. Do you greet people by saying "Good Day, Sunshine!"--yep! Good day Sunshine!

75. Did you make your boyfriend grow his hair and dye it brown?--hes not my boyfriend, but i am making him grow his hair

76. Is your screen name Sgt Pepper or Lovely Rita? Do you sometimes play the fool?--my screen name be MaccaLennonGirl

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