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There was a section displayed to honor the Wilbury's who of course won the grammy. The grammy was there (didn't George make a remark about using it for a doorstop? They did not recount that! haha) There was George's Wilbury shirt, the guitar which he later used as a format for the replica he issued for children in 3/4 size. The Handle With Care jacket was featured prominently. A banjo uke was displayed upon which George had written "reaching the high spots now." On a yellow pad he had written out the words for "Dirty World."
Near the exit, the George garden fountain was displayed so beautifully. Indian paintings adored either side. A beautiful picture of George hung on another wall, where he is sitting in a white ornate gazebo looking out over water.

All in all, beautifully done. However.... big a couple HUGE misses. Number one... no mention, not one, of Srila Prabhupada or the Krishna Consciousness movement. What? Whoever assembled the exhibit definitely wanted to present George as a Yogananda person. I love Yoganandaji. But it is unfair to George because he adored Srila Prabhupada as well- and knew him personally. They were personal friends and George even asked to be initiated at one point. Even after Prabhupada's death George had truckfulls of flowers delivered to the manor each year on Prabhupada's birthday. George donated the Manor to ISKCON and all the Living In the Material World album was taken from Srila Prabhupada's teachings. George passed with two devotees at his side, chanting Hare Krishna and photos of Rama and Krishna to gaze upon. How could Prabhupada's love and influence go unmentioned?

Also, Lou junior was entirely ignored. I mean, she was never mentioned nor pictured. The timeline only featured George, Peter, Harry, and Mr and Mrs Harrison. Where is Lou? She needed to be there.
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