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Default announcing the first-ever Beatles fic exchange!

What is a fic exchange, you may ask? Just as it sounds: a group of writers and readers get together and exchange fanfics. Everyone signs up and requests a fic for themselves with specific elements -- a required phrase or object, a certain year or place, a particular starring character or pairing -- then fulfills someone else's request. They're a lot of fun and always result in some fantastic fics!

This fic exchange, obviously, focuses on Beatles-oriented fanfiction. Do not think, however, that this limits you as writers to just our four favorite musicians: if you would love to have someone write a fic for you about the friendship between Pattie and Jane, ask for it. If you think Maureen and George are the best couple ever, try it out. Anything goes, as long as The Beatles are involved in some way.

Part of the added fun is that once all of the fic requests have been fulfilled, they will be posted to this community anonymously, and there will be a little contest to see who can guess who wrote what.

For more information, visit The Beatles Fic Exchange Spring 2007!
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