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Originally Posted by Uncle_Albert View Post
by the way friends of Dorothy about his homosexual feeling
I beg to differ. There's nothing in the song that makes it seem like he's talking about his own feelings... it's written in 3rd person. It sounds like he's singing about a gay man (who may possibly be a transvestite)... a '70s disco scenester.

France jeans and nasty boots
Red hair and yellow rood
Frederick to Hollywood
Forty-second and bloody good
The last line sounds like he may be a prostitute... back in the '70s, before they cleaned up Midtown Manhattan, 42nd Street was a pretty unsavory area of town.

And hib... I think he's talking about a male, not a female... some FODs refer to each other as "she"... especially, if s/he's a transvestite. (Born and raised in the West Hollywood area of L.A., aka FOD Central. )

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