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Default Re: Heather Guest Host on Larry King Tonight

The Guardian chimes in.,3604,1200202,00.html

Another record was claimed this week on Larry King Live (CNN). Not by Mr King - he was away - but by his stand-in, who officially became the person who's done the worst interview on television ever.

Her name? Heather Mills McCartney.

Paul Newman was the poor victim. Mrs Macca's questioning, in more or less her own words, went something like this: Hi, I'm Heather Mills McCartney. Paul Newman, how come you're such a philanthropist? I do a lot of work in Afghanistan - you come in, you give freedom, and then all the poppy growers are creating heroin again. What's your opinion of Iraq? I liked John Joseph Vincent in Fort pache, The Bronx - I loved that character 'cos he kept delivering babies and saving people's lives that were jumping off buildings. What do you think of Robert Redford? When you get offered awards do you ever suggest they give them to someone else? I do that. What do you think of Jude Law? He's terrific isn't he? I think you're very handsome.

Everything was wrong with it. She asked the wrong questions in a dull monotone, and didn't seem to listen to his answers. At times she forgot which side of the interview she was and talked about herself. She appeared keen to show him how much she knew about him, wanted to impress him with her knowledge of his life, his films, his charity work and his car racing. Funding was what seemed to fascinate her most, and when she ran out of things to talk about she returned to subjects she'd already covered - so car racing got a couple of outings. Cool Hand Luke has never looked so confused. Stay away Larry, it's hilarious.
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