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Default Re: Paul\'s Unedited Unplugged

I know he did an all song called "The Fool" which was never used for the CD (at least it is not on my CD). I think he also did "Things We Said Today"... and I've always wondered, too, what was Linda doing. She can barely be heard in any song (except at the end on "Singalong Junk", playing the harmonium)...

Your comments sound very interesting. It would be great if you manage to post a complete tracklisting to see what are we really missing.

Oh yes, and Paul played drums on "Ain't No Sunshine"; not only on that concert, but also in the whole New World Tour, which was a nice feature... He also did it in his chilean show, which was the last one of that tour. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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