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Originally Posted by FPSHOT View Post
I understand what you mean yet "Pepper" did not become a 'concept' album. It's still a combination of solo songs.

The title song is almost the same as Magical Mistery Tour. Within You Without You is nowhere near any other song on the album.

The signature of the album is maybe the orchestral influences and the experiences of the guys reading newspapers and posters translated in to songs.

Abbey Road to me is much more the "concept album" of The Beatles.
Still, McCartney has said that Sgt Pepper was the direct result of Pet Sounds and his attempt at replicating it..there is a strong concept at least joining the first few tracks and the end of the album, and if you combine the cover art and all that, there si a big concept running thru it. Bruce Johnston from the Beach Boys told me his son's thesis is on Pet Sounds and Sgt Pepper and their similarities! Can you imagine the acsess that guy would have got to both camps for his PHD?! now thats something i'd like to read!!

Now Abbey Rd as a concept album you could side one side (side 2) certainly was..but it was more stringing together a few short tracks of Johns in between Pauls if you ask me..and John never liked side 2 much ..

Pet Sounds didnt just influence "concept albums" like Tommy and Quadrophenia, it influened and changed all music after it...
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