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Default Re: free bootlegs 3 !!!

You're still talking about advestising, this means you do NOT want your members having a chance to get free boots. This is a sick thing to do. We're all in it for the music I think. This is a chance for someone who doesn't have a large boot list to get something he doesn't own. What kind of person are you Jerry and what do you want ??
Do you want to control everything or do you want your members getting a large boot collection ??
I just wanted to inform your members about the thing I'm doing which I think is great.
Again I would like to ask you a question, are you a human being ???
You being webmastering doesn't make you our or anybody's Lord.

By the way, it is not my Forum. It's just a great Forum and maybe you're jealous. The forum I talk about is where people come with serious questions. Not with games saying WHO AM I ?? and then asking for a song or name !! I'm still thankfull about the pic you gave me but I want you to remember; every Forum is existing because fans of the Beatles want to share important knowledge and want to be able to ask eachother questions about the group we love.

I still do love our guys (Beatles) and I want everyone to have a piece of the cake.
Don't spoil it Jerry !!!


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