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There is nothing "offensive", merely silliness.

Of course every performer of all time has taken advice from others, managers, colleagues, etc. and incorporated it into their image, act, material, painting, writing, speech etc, etc. etc. The Monkees were arguably the most manufatured of all acts in the history of music when compared to eventual sucess. i.e. the most manufactured famous act of all time.

When he starts pointing out that The Beatles were manufactured too, it's as if a 3rd grade Religion teacher at a local Catholic School started questioning decisions made by Saints.

NOT that the Beatles were saintly in any way... but realtive to their success, and cemented place in the history of recorded music, the Beatles ARE akin to Sainthood... while a member of the Monkees is merely a Religion teacher in a single school.

The Beatles were musicians before they became the Beatles. The Monkees were not even all musicians before they became a "band" called The Monkees. Anyone giving his thoughts any creedence re: the matter of managerial influence on a band (successful or otherwise) is a fool imo.

My CHILDREN could name 500 bands they know of and STILL not name the Monkees. Many people could do the same.... They are nearly forgotten by the general public at this point.
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