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I don't see what you find so offensive, 28. George and John have both said similar things, that the Beatles were "okay." George prefered to praise Bob Dylan. When George says that, no one thinks he is Beatle bashing.

Originally Posted by instant karla View Post
Davy Jones says that the Beatles were just as manufactured as his own band, the Monkees. Jones told that, "I think the Monkees have been viewed as a band that was manufactured, but the first manufactured band was really the Beatles. They were put by (manager) Brian Epstein in the same boots and the same suits. I was on the The Ed Sullivan Show the same night that they (made their debut on live American TV) in 1964. I was one of the acts that night (with the cast of Oliver!) and I saw what was going on... That's what show business is like."
Davy (I had read) was a very business minded person. So this is how his mind works, pragmatically to an extent. Nothing wrong there. He's just attesting to the fact that the Beatles were not following their *own* ideas. To an extent, they were manufactured by Brian. He's right in ways.

Jones says that although he only considered the Beatles to be only an average live act, what they accomplished artistically was tremendous: "I'm sure that if you had seen the Beatles at Shea Stadium, (it would've been) questionable as to what was going on and what you were hearing. You listen to them on The Ed Sullivan Show, even now, it's a bit sketchy, but you know, who cares? They went on to do wonderful stuff and we were dying to hear 'The White Album' and Rubber Soul and all the rest of the stuff that came later."
You listen to Tokyo concert and tell me the boys are pitch perfect. Davy is saying the same about Shea. The fabs could be called "sketchy" but it was part of their casual appeal. Still, they did not harmonize like the Beach Boys, or even like the Bee Gees. They were rough hewn. Davy then says he was still eager for their later material. George also prefered from Rubber Soul onward.... when they were not "cheeky chappys"...

Jones, who'll kick off a series of dates later this week at Disney World, joked that, "I used to be a heartthrob. Now I'm a coronary." He added that at 61 he's finally come to terms with his global fame: "Once you reach a celebrity status, people look at you and all of a sudden you've become better looking, more intelligent, you become taller -- all these things that you're not really."
See, Davy is very much a realist here, that's all. I appreciate his candor. He could praise the Beatles and Monkees and himself all day, because people would want to hear it, and he would not be Real. He was keeping it honest.

He went on to say, "I didn't choose to be an authority, I didn't choose to be an example. I didn't realize that was all part of it. I didn't realize my celebrity would effect my sisters, my father, my aunts, my uncles, the lads that grew up with me who were on the same soccer team."
Again, people can say... "oh look... he is acknowledging his celebrity, how inflated!" It DID affect his life this way. More power to him for speaking his true mind. No pretenses, which just make everyone part of a verbally well groomed herd.
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