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George Harrison admired Formby so much that he became an honorary President of the George Formby Appreciation Society. On Sunday 3 March 1991 he turned up at the annual George Formby Convention at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

The compere announced him to the Formby fans, “After some persuasion I’d like to introduce Mr George Harrison who says he’s nervous.”

George came onto the stage and said, “I thought I’d retired from all this years ago. You’ll have to bear with me as I’m not certain I know the right chords, but you’re all welcome to join in.”

George had been buying ukuleles for years and had them in virtually every room of his house. His son Dhani became an accomplished player. George was to say, “It is hard to play a ukulele banjo without smiling.”

He loved playing the instrument and at Terry Gilliam’s party on 26 November 2000, he began playing George Formby songs on his uke, accompanied by Michael Palin and Terry Jones on spoons.
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