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Ravi Shankar:

"It's a deep and strong friendship that I have with George. Sometimes I am like a father to him and sometimes he takes that role with me, while at the same time we are teacher and student, and along with that, close friends.

He puts me in a bubbly mood and provokes me into being funny an punny, by which I can justify my title of "Pun-dit" to him.

He is so loving and magnanimous, going out of his way to help those he cares for. He also has something of a child in him, and likes to joke and pun too - he has that glint in his eyes, like a naughty boy.

He also has his black moods, as we all do - and God help anyone who at that time incites his wrath! He can be very hard, but he's frank like that: he doesn't hide his feelings. He can also completely shut himself off, and be quite indifferent and distristful. Of course this is understandable, because he has been exploited so much by people he trusted. It is a wonder that he is not like that all the time, that he still can have such feelings for others.

He has been good to me. It is wonderful to have his regard, respect and love, as I too feel such deep love for him in my heart"
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
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