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Originally Posted by spikewilbury22 View Post
<font size="2" face="Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif">First of all...The Bee-Gees? You have to be kidding. Not Bob Dylan, or even George himself were better song writers than the Bee Gees? They were much better than the Bee Gees. Anyway, I think a huge difference (the biggest difference) between boy bands and a group of boys in a band, is INSTRUMENTS!!! Tell me, what instruments do the backstreet boys play? And where are the backstreet boys or nsync or another generic boy band now? Let's not forget the beatles STILL sell records....40 years later!

Yes absolutely but true boy bands not only aren't musicians,they aren't song writers either,and The Beatles were great at both from the beginning! John and Paul were also such amazing song writers that they were giving away songs they wrote that became hits for other music artists as early as 1963 just when their own song writing success was getting off the ground such as Peter And Gordon,Cilla Black,Billly J.Kramer and The Dakotas John and Paul wrote one The Rolling Stones first hits the rock n roll song, I Wanna Be Your Man and they wrote it write in front of them and Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were so impressed that they could just write a song just like that,and it inspired them to start writing their own songs,and from then on,both bands became good friends.

And no boy band played 8 hours a night in the sleazy strip clubs of Hamburg Germany ( or anywhere) for two years in a row,taking speed pills to stay awake to do it,and then played for years live in The Cavern club and that is how they became very good musicians.And it's totally ludicrous,ignorant and wrong on a zillion musical and personal levels to ever call The Beatles a stupid,uncool,untalented boy band!

And The Beatles were *not* mostly writing and playing love songs in their early days,their records and concerts demonstrate they wrote and played many very good and great rock n roll,rock and pop rock songs,and rocking covers quite a few of their early rock n roll songs they wrote were even hard rock compared to what was out on the radio in 1963 and 1964.

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