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This from Louise Harrison on Tumblr:

Saturday March 5, 1966

“When the Beatles first came out in America, I flipped over them,” wrote dedicated fan Patty Juliano, 14, of California. “Right away I started writing to Mrs. Harrison,” said Patty after she’d acquired the address of the Harrison’s Liverpool residence. Patty alway sreceived a reply from George’s wonderful mother, Louise Harrison, who was fondly known to be a real fan’s fan. Before Patty came to Europe with her father in March 1966 she wrote to Mrs. Harrison informing her that she would be coming to Liverpool and asked if she could come and see her. When Patty arrived in Paris she was surprised to find a letter from Mrs. Harrison inviting her to the Harrison home. Patty quickly replied “Yes!”

All the way over in the taxi Patty thought about the possibility of George being there. “When I got to the house, there was a very nice XKE parked out in front. Mrs. Harrison greeted me at the door.” Patty gave Mrs. Harrison a box of candy and bouqet of flowers.

Patty’s dream was about to come true when she was escorted inside… When she walked into the living room, she could see someone sitting on the couch, but was unsure of her identity. Seconds later she “realized it was Pattie Harrison!, you know who’s wife! Wow! was I surprised.” They began to talk and Patty asked Pattie if she ever got a lot of mean letters from girls after she married George. Pattie said she got a few. Everyone was seated and talking and about fifteen minutes later George himself walked in! He shook Patty’s hand and offered everyone a cigarette, even Patty, but she never did get one. Mr. Juliano and George started talking about Vietnam. Then the subject switched to the police protection the Beatles got.

Soon Mrs. Harrison called them all to lunch, which Patty described as delicious. After lunch Patty says “Mrs. Harrison showed me a scrapbook she had made with pictures of George fans, so if you have sent any pictures to her, they’re sure to be there.”

Afterwards Patty’s father took several pictures of the Harrisons. It was late in the afternoon so most of them turned out dark.

Later, George’s brothers, Harry and Peter, and their wives, and his little niece and nephew, Paul and Janet, came over. At about 5 o’clock Mr. Juliano decided it was time to go. “I was having so much fun, but all good things have to come to an end and we had to leave,” said Patty. Mrs. Harrison waved goodbye while Pattie and George stood in the doorway holding hands. “All the way back to London, I couldn’t believe I had met George Harrison’s family.”

* * * *

The above was combined from two versions of Patty Juliano’s story published in
the KRLA Beat newspaper, April 8, 1967 and in Fabulous magazine, March 16, 1968. Some of the six photos taken by Patty Juliano’s father at the Harrison home on March 5, 1966 were later availble for sale through the Beatles fanzine With A Little Help From My Friends in the 70’s and 80’s.

Scans from the Something About Pattie Boyd group at Yahoo!
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