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Most of the stuff from Paul that I don't like comes from the 80's and I don't think he had released a truly awfull album since "Give my regards to broadstreet". Not to turn this into an discussion about that album, but man what an uninspired album that was. Remakes that weren't really needed, non of which were an improvement over the original. The only hightlight being "No More Lonely Nights". "Press to Play" was only slightly better.

Imo all his recent albums are of an higher quality then his 80's output. I like "New" and I don't agree that he's trying too hard to be current, at least not on these recent albums. I can only applaud that he is trying out different styles, and that his albums sound different from each other. "New" is different from "Chaos and Creation". "New" is more varied and has plenty of more uptempo rock songs. "Chaos" is more laid back, quiet ballads. Both have many great songs on them. I like this period of Paul's output. The 70's will remain my favourite period tho but since "Flaming Pie" Paul has released good to excellent albums. Varied enough for any fan to get something out of it.

It's a matter of taste but no I don't think Ringo's recent output is better.

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