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Fascinating thread... and diverse taste from Johnny. I remember reading John identified with William's rebelliousness from the Just William books.

Fairly obvious ones here, and a link to John's to-do list where he mentions Beyond Reason by Margaret Trudeau, and Blue Mystery: The Story of the Hope Diamond by Susanne Steinem Patch. It's thought the list was written in 1980 as that's when Trudeau's Beyond Reason was published.

Childhood favourites and an influence for I Am The Walrus...

His Tibetan Book Of The Dead period which led him to write Tomorrow Never Knows...

The two books from his 'To-Do' list and link showing list. Wonder if he got around to reading them? ...

He was also returning a book from that list by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl... Kon-Tiki? Suited his adventurous nature.

Link to to-do list...
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