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Thanks Maia for that add! Wow, awesome. I am getting so inspired to buy/read these books! I actually never knew that whole scenario surrounding Portrait Of A Marriage. The things I learn on this board...

HC, I read I Me Mine in high school and I remember seeing John mentioned way more than Paul or Ringo- if they were even mentioned at all. It just goes to show how sensitive John was and how much he cared, because that book came out a few weeks before he passed away and he had already read (or flipped through) it.

Quote from John regarding George's book:

"I was hurt by it ... By glaring omission in the book, my influence on his life is absolutely zilch and nil ... I'm not in the book."
Wrong John. You were. But we'll forgive you because, in this matter, I think we all know that you cared too much.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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