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Default Macrobiotics: An Invitation to Health and Happiness by George Ohsawa

Was there ever any doubt? This book was released in 1978 and, although John started his Macrobiotic lifestyle in late 1968 apparently, I'm almost positive he would have read this one. George Ohsawa, born October 18, 1893, was the founder of the Macrobiotic philosophy. And although some of us have various levels of skepticism, on a whole the idea behind Macrobiotics is truly magnificent. It requires a great deal of discipline and mond control. However, the yin/yang factor of balance is something that is a phenomenal read. I actually think I'm going to buy this one. I want to know more, what can I say? My husband will not appreciate me trying to covert him into a Macrobiotic, but I may give it a spin. I'm slowly trying to become a vegetarian, but I do find this diet exceptionally interesting.

Snoopy, come at me. I know you're going to judge me now.

Here's a short synopsis:

"This book is for people whose aim is health and happiness, by and for themselves. Whatever problems we want to solve, we should start with ourselves. This is the Oriental approach. A happy society must be built on happy individuals. Every person's happiness depends on his health. Macrobiotics is neither merely a way of curing illness nor a mystical Oriental cuisine. Some people think it is a brown rice diet, others that it is a means of giving up pleasure at meals. How far from the truth these ideas are! Macrobiotics is a profound understanding of the orderliness of nature, the practical application of which enables us to prepare attractive, delicious meals, and achieve a happy and free life."
The book is available on Amazon used for about $27 and counting.

I'm game.
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