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Default The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Schonfield

The Passover Plot : A New Interpretation of the Life and Death of Jesus

by Hugh J. Schonfield

Absolutely THE book that caused the biggest stir in John's life! It was after reading The Passover Plot that John made his infamous remark about The Beatles being more popular than Jesus.

An excerpt from a review by Tim Chaffery:

During the 1960’s, Hugh J. Schonfield created quite a stir when he published a best-selling book entitled The Passover Plot. The cover of the book briefly explains that the book is a “new interpretation of the life and death of Jesus.” In reality, The Passover Plot is a bold denial of much of Jesus’ life and the circumstances of His death, burial, and resurrection. Naturally, many Christians protested the book while atheists and skeptics praised it.
Or you can read a preview of the book here.

Used copies available at Amazon for as little as 1c!

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