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Default The Primal Scream by Arthur Janov

This book is out of print, and Janov has a new one called The New Primal Scream, which I assume is an "updated" explanation of his therapy. On Amazon one can obtain a used copy of this book for about $2.99 and up.

In any case, this book highlighted here is the one that John read in 1970, shortly after it was released on January 1st. John was one of Janov's very first patients, and certainly his most famous.

I actually found this book and it is somewhere in the vicinity of my library, unread. I should take the time to read it just to know what the H this whole thing was about. As of now, I feel like I haven't enough insight to really make a good synopsis of my own, so I will simply copy and paste one as I did for the above two books.

A thought provoking book which presents a new approach to psychological thinking through case histories and documented evidence of the elimination of lifetime ailments, both psychological and physical, through reliving core experiences. This book challenged all existing forms of therapy of the time period.
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