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Default The 'John Lennon Book Club'

Excuse the unoriginal Oprah inspired title. I'm doing this thread purely for fun! Since we do have some literary buffs on this forum, YOU can help me out. I have a somewhat general list of books and there's a few I am probably more certain of. For each post, simply name the book, the series, or the author in the title. You don't need to name all three, but perhaps book title and author if you can.

So this thread will be about the books John read or loved in his lifetime, however you can certainly post an exception. In other words, if you know of a book that John definitely read or had to have read in his lifetime, POST IT. I don't care of you stick children's books in here. This is supposed to be an inspired thread. We can thank hibgal for the idea. I happen to know I am going to need a lot of help. If I post something erroneous, please call me out.

And perhaps we can even stick in a few MODERN books John may have read if her were here today (hey Macca what do you know, I used your phrase there). A picture of the book, a short synopsis, and even a link would be AWESOME cool.

Let's get posting!!
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