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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post

The Beatles: Rock Band.......has sold 1.18 million copies in the United States and 1.7 million copies worldwide since its release in September.

Rock Band 2 sold 1.7 million copies in its first four months of release in 2008

Guitar Hero: World Tour sold 3.4 million copies in that time

Guitar Hero 5 has sold 996,000 copies.
So is it 1.18 plus 1.7? Or is the 1.18 included in the worldwide figure?

It seems to be doing pretty well within the genre, especially if it's at 2.88 million!

I think it's super fun. It's not true to guitar playing, but I think it gives a feel for it. You get a basic feel for timing especially. The technology is pretty dang awesome. And Dhani is working to develop it, so it will be more true to life for guitarists in the future. And it's a happy, positive thing... my only problem is each time George (cartoon) would come on in the background, I'd look, and then mess up! My mind is conditioned, haha...

I actually think Dhani will play a part in developing this to the point that someday people will be able to learn to play guitar along with their favorite music, with all the groovy graphics, wow... so so much fun! No more "Row Row Row Your Boat" boring sheet music for beginners!
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