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Default Badfinger Rarities/Box Set Petition


My name is Rick Kellogg from the Badfinger Web Ring (BWR).
This is for your consideration.

Here is a recent posting from my BWR Newsletter, "Passin' Time":

Something interesting is in the air! It certainly has been discussed over the years in guestbooks, monthly chats, on web pages and in the BWR Newsletter - A Badfinger Rarities/Box Set!!!

Mike Gibbins of Badfinger recently talked about it:
"A decision to do a box set of Badfinger would come from Apple. We have no control over what is released and when. Write to Apple Records in London." -Mike Gibbins

With that in mind...

The time has come for a 'grassroots' effort in gathering support for the idea that Badfinger fans worldwide would love to have a long overdue 'Rarities/Box Set' released! We are hoping that this release would include, but not be limited to: Unreleased Songs, Session Outtakes, and Live Recordings of The Iveys, Badfinger and individual solo recordings.

An on-line petition has been set up on the BWR. Also, a referring link to the petition will be on participating Badfinger web pages soon. The goal will be to collect as many names as possible by June 2002 (or as posted). All valid names from this petition will be forwarded to Apple Records, in London.

All the data collected here will be used for the singular purpose in contacting Apple Records (London) as a request from the fans of Badfinger for the consideration of releasing a box set that would include songs recorded but not released to the general public. The time is right for a Badfinger Rarities/Box Set!!!

A special Badfinger Rarities/Box Set Discussion Board has also been set up on the BWR, where all issues, suggestions, comments and the like, can be addressed. This will be a great place to list song suggestions - what should be on and what shouldn't! How many CD's in the set? And how about those rarities!!! We are still missing three songs from the aborted "Straight Up" sessions: "No Good At All", "Baby Please" and "Sing For The Song". And there are plenty more in the vaults! I hope that Tommy's "Oh Wow" will finally see the light of the day someday soon!

We will really need all your support in this effort. It will be crucial for this to even have a remote chance of happening! Let other friends, your soul-mate, your mother(!) know about this petition - have them sign up too! The more valid registrations, the better!

Stop by the BWR:
Sign up - then hop on over to the Rarities/Box Set Discussion Board.


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