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Default Ringo Says Beatles Were Not A \'Boy Band\' Like Today\'s Male Pop Groups

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Ringo Says Beatles Were Not A 'Boy Band' Like Today's Male Pop Groups
Wed Mar 26,10:00 PM ET

Darryl Morden

Ringo Starr appeared Tuesday (March 25) on MTV's TRL show for the release of his latest album Ringo Rama. The program is geared towards young contemporary pop fans, and Starr compared the height of "Beatlemania" in the 1960s to the fan reaction for contemporary "boy bands" like *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Starr said the groups are very different, however. He said that starting out, the four Beatles were certainly "boys and we were a band," and also admitted that early on, the group also didn't write all of their own material. But then he commented that once John Lennon and Paul McCartney began writing songs--and George Harrison as well--"it became that the song was important, not our dancing."

Starr was making a bit of a joke, as the Beatles were never a dancing group.

Starr kicks off his 2003 All-Starr Band tour on July 24 in Rama, Ontario, Canada.
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