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Default A Relic from My Past

I've been looking through old scrapbooks for the last few days to find this relic. I've probably shared this story before (maybe even earlier in this thread... lol!), but one of the things I did to deal with John's murder was organize a memorial at my high school.

The memorial was scheduled for Friday, December 12, 1980 at lunchtime. We had this cool amphitheater at the south end of the big quad where everyone hung out at nutrition, and the plan was to put up photos of John and to hook up the PA system so we could play John's music (probably on cassettes ). Anyway, we didn't usually hang out at the quad during lunch because we were allowed off campus and preferred hanging out at the cool shops on Melrose Avenue... so, scheduling this memorial was kind of a big deal.

On Thursday afternoon just before dismissal, the Principal announced over the PA, "The John Lennon memorial scheduled for tomorrow at lunch has been canceled." SAY WHAT? I was the organizer of the event... how dare they cancel it without consulting me! So I stormed into the Principal's office after school and he gave me some BS excuse why he had to cancel it. He wouldn't budge.

Undeterred, I got together with some friends and came up with a plan. I typed up a flyer, got it copied at Sir Speedy, and we distributed it to all the students before school and during morning passing periods. After nutrition, an announcement was made: "The John Lennon memorial is back on!"

Whoo-hoo! My first experience of "stickin' it to the man" and winning!!! Very John.

Here's the flyer I made:

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