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peanut333 Jan 14, 2015 02:16 PM

Chris O’ Dell’s comment
I read in an old article when she was promoting her autobio a few years ago, that the reason she decided to spill some of the music star’s dirty laundry whom she befriended and worked for back in the day at Apple was that now everyone was “too damn old to care anymore”. That may be true, but I sure wouldn’t want my kids or grandkids reading about the sordid things I did in my youth. Although I’m sure some may know about their elders’ antics anyway. I can imagine the rocker’s offspring and grandkids thinking” Damn dad or grandpa was a bad dude in his day” I read her book in 2011, I believe she stated George gave her a sexy nightie to try on in front of him, when she was residing with the Harrisons. I could be wrong, but if not, dude was a trip. As much as I respect him as a music legend, a person can’t blame Patti for leaving. LOL! At least Chris turned him down, but they stayed friends, so that’s nice.

On a sad note, I once read that Elvis broke down and cried when he read an unauthorized biography about him written by “so-called” friends who detailed his drug use and bizarre behavior. It devastated him thinking what a grown up Lisa Marie would think of her dad years down the road. Since I read despite his flaws, Elvis was sweet guy, that is heart wrenching.

zipp Jan 15, 2015 03:13 AM

It's the price of fame.
But in any case if I have to choose between the truth and lies I'll take the truth.
I think Chris O'Dell is very truthful in her book.

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