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victor46542 Aug 15, 2019 01:07 PM

a database I made about the all starr band
I'm a huge fan of the all starr band of Ringo and I decided to create a database (a kind of dataviz) of the all starr band. I started with the First Starr Band. I gather all the info I have with info on each show (a page per show), what are available on bootlegs, maps of the tour, Setlist, Personal on each song, guests, promotion, extra info... It's not finished yet as it's a long project

Maybe there are some mistakes, incorrect things...
The mobile version is still not working perfectly (especially the scrolling on the map)
Feel free, to tell me what you think, if you spot some mistake, incorrect things or have additional things to add

I hope you will enjoy :)

I'm also looking for any information you could have to complete it. Maybe some of you have nice insight about it or know things that most of us don't know ? I want to have the most complete database

To give you examples of what can be useful, set list for unknown shows, musicians that were supposed to be members, musicians who were asked but couldn't do it, guests in shows, reports, newspapers, audios, videos, etc...


here the link

Lynner Sep 09, 2019 10:27 AM

What an undertaking!

victor46542 May 12, 2020 01:42 AM

Thanks !

victor46542 Jul 24, 2021 05:49 AM

Hi !

i'm looking to complete my database, for some shows I don't have any audio/video or no setlist, I know most of the things I don't have are not known to be available. But when I see never shared shows appeared on the web (some from 89, 92, 95, 97, etc.), I have hope that some people have uncirculated tape of the all starr band. If you have alternative sources of the show that are known to be available, I'm also willing to have them, even it's an incomplete source and/or poor quality

You can see here what I'm looking for:

Thanks a lot !

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