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the ninth walrus Jul 07, 2022 04:22 PM

An open journal by me
With this site being dead and over run with spam, i suppose it wouldn't hurt if i did this. An open journal of sorts a place for me to write down my thoughts likely to be lost. Others can view it and comment if they wish but that's unlikely. reflecting into the void of sorts

i wonder how many of the members i considered "friends" still occasionally lurk here, primarily Apple Scruff and Snoopy66.

apon much thought and talks with my husband i have decided its best if I cut ties with my mom, i still wish to keep contact with my dad. I'll write a letter with my reasons and send it to her this November (around my birthday)

in the past year and a half or so I've realized I'm gender fluid though I'm not picky on pronouns.

I've decided to try adult speech therapy, im 25 and still have trouble with my Rs I get self conscious about it. That and in the past both a teacher's aid and my mom yelled at me to "learn how to speak" another reason for the above mentioned cutting ties.

I still wish to be a writer though I've stepped away from fan fiction. i have pieces of different ideas... fragments. plot points, some world building, characters with back stories but with no names. Yet i cannot settle on an over arching storyline. Perhaps doing some writing exercises would help get ideas flowing. This open journal might help as well. i used to journal A LOT when I was in middle/ high school (I admit at times when I was supposed to be doing work)

I'll update this from time to time

the ninth walrus Jul 21, 2022 10:24 PM

my work is likely going to do a 2 week strike. (im a house keeper at a nursing home) at least if we do i'll still get paid 80% of my normal py via the union as long as i picket. It would also give me time to catch up on personal house keeping around the apartment. I highly enjoyed the 24 hour picket. The one union rep told me that eventhough its my first union job i did a great job.

My husband and i are looking to move out of our small apartment, preferably a house. we'll each have an area/ room for our hobbies. As despite our love we still have introvert tendencies. my room i have dubbed my "hippy lair" which I have it mentaly planned out in my head. Id have taprasties on my walls which trinkets and such pinned to those. An L desk is preferable so id have room to draw/write as well as my computer. I love to have a youtube video as background nose while on my type writter.Id spend my days off here.

my husbands area would be his work shop (he makes blades. bows and the such) look him on FB Over the Edge Blades.

we recently adopted a kitten from one of my co workers named him Hobbs and he bats at our older cat's tail as it swishes.

the ninth walrus Nov 01, 2022 10:37 PM

been a while since i've updated just tired from work. which they settled on a union contract, so we didn't do a 2 week strike. we are supposed to get a bonus soon. I'm getting faster at my job, normally getting done with my tasks a little early so my remaining time i chill in the break room. writing while i listing to music.

Though not mentioned in my last to journal posts i have no shame in admiting i enjoy some elicit substances (not counting pot as thats legal where i am) still nothing to crazy and makes me feel more at peace. more calm.i can relax more after work/ on days off. calm enough to draw, if only i could think of what i want to draw. lol.

husband and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary recently and my 26th birthday is coming up (Nov 7) likely will get art supply. meditating more again too

the ninth walrus Nov 11, 2022 08:38 AM

had an ok birthday, got chalk pastels. found a neat art desk online its pricy, so think my husband and i will make a copy of it. looks easy enough. We'd like to get my dad to hel but have a hard time etting a hold of him. we have reason the believe that my mom had my brother block us on his phone. long story short my mom is controlling and my dad is getting fed up with it. im still working on my long leter to her which will effectively cut ties with her. Still wish to keep contact with my dad ust need a better way to do so. Unfortunately he doesn't have Facebook, or any social media.

the ninth walrus Nov 21, 2022 08:27 PM

while i work i'm allowed to listen to music and such, as long as i have one, not both ear buds in. ive read and enjoyed the works of Hunter S Thompson so recently i've been listening to audiobooks of his works (likely some unofficial audio books) i have off both Thanksgiving and black friday. A local radio station near me each year on black friday has A-Z of the Beatles . here you can listen online don't know what time it starts this year. there have been years it starts at 7am and others 9am (Eastern standard time)

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