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Dr. Ebbetts MFSL Vinyl Collection
Anyone who has more info about this Dr. Ebbetts Vinyl Collection?

Has Dr. Ebbett used the originals (box set) from 1982?

************************************************** ********

All rips are the *new rips* with the equipment listed below.

All ripping credits go to Dr. Ebbett.

The 2010 Doc Ebbett Vinyl Remasters
Vinyl rips in 24-bit/96kHz | FLAC (5% Recovery) | m3u, no cue or log |
Full LP Artwork
Rock & Roll
Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs - MFSL
Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker ~ Pressed in Japan on JVC *Super Vinyl*

The Beatles: The Collection was a vinyl box set of every Beatles album remastered at half speed from the original stereo master recordings, except for Magical Mystery Tour which was mastered from Capitol Records' submasters with the last three tracks in rechanneled stereo. Each album was pressed on virgin vinyl by the Victor Company of Japan ensuring the best sound quality possible. The album covers were replaced with photographs of tape boxes and log sheet. The original album covers were included in a booklet which also featured a certificate of authenticity as this was a limited edition collection. Missing from this collection was all of the Beatles' singles that did not appear on their original
UK albums.

Released with much anticipation in early October 1982, The Collection was lauded by critics and fans worldwide for the superb sound, and sold-out completely within the first year. MFSL repressed a second run of the Beatles Box Set for a total production run of 25,000 over the next two years or until October 1985. Today, The Collection fetches up to $10,000.00 for a mint condition set on online auctions.


1. Please Please Me - MFSL1-101
2. With The Beatles - MFSL1-102
3. A Hard Day's Night - MFSL1-103
4. Beatles For Sale - MFSL1-104
5. Help! - MFSL1-105
6. Rubber Soul - MFSL1-106
7. Revolver - MFSL1-107
8. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - MFSL1-100
9. Magical Mystery Tour - MFSL1-047
10. The Beatles - MFSL2-072 (2 LPs)
11. Yellow Submarine - MFSL1-108
12. Abbey Road - MFSL1-023
13. Let It Be - MFSL1-109

All albums contain ripping notes and art, as well as detailed notes on each record. As a
bonus, there is also a booklet in PDF format with all the artwork from the boxset.

24-bit/96kHz Vinyl Rip by Dr. Ebbett
Summer 2010

Nitty Gritty RCM 1.5
Technics SL-1200MK2 DD Turntable with KAB Fluid Damping and KAB record grip
Ortofon 2M Black MM Cartridge
Pro-ject Tube Box SE II Preamp (2x GroveTubes GT-12AX7-R3)
Tascam US-144 external USB 2.0 Audiointerface
Mac Pro Dual Zeon 2.66 GHz
Bias Peak LE 6.2 recording software
Click Repair 3.3.1 for de-click (manual mode only)
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for Vinyl NR
iZotope RX Advanced 1.21 for Redbook conversion
xACT 1.71 for Redbook SBE correction
XLD Version 20100711 (120.5) for FLAC conversion

RCM - TT - Ortofon 2M Blk - Tube Box preamp - ADC - Mac Pro - Peak LE @ 24/96 -
analyze (no clipping, no DC Bias offset, each side gain maximized to -0.5 dB) -
split into individual tracks - Click Repair 3.02 used in manual mode, 20~30 Rev, Pitch
Protection, X2 - iZotope RX Advanced for vinyl noise reduction using my dialed in settings
- FLAC encoded Level 5 with XLD Version 20100518 (120.3)

All de-clicking software used in full manual mode to preserve musical transients.

No music was harmed in the making of this vinyl rip.

No silence been removed, please burn gapless to match original track layout.

************************************************** *******


Uncle_Albert Jul 13, 2014 08:54 AM

have you mp3? Jul 13, 2014 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by Uncle_Albert (Post 1125986)
sorry NO Torrent please

OK, link removed... sorry :blush4: Jul 14, 2014 05:26 AM


Originally Posted by Uncle_Albert (Post 1125986)
have you mp3?

In my own collection I have (a still sealed) box of the half speed mastered vinyl discs.

I also have four different versions of the Dr. Ebbets MFSL vinyl rips.

1. the 24/96 FLAC version
2. the 24/96 WAV version
3. the 24/96 320 Kbps MP3 version
4. the 24/96 VBR MP3 version

The last two (3 + 4)... I really can't understand why someone has transfered a half speed mastered vinyl disc to MP3?????? I'm really confused.


My question is - is this the real The Beatles: The Collection MFSL box set from 1982?
I've been searching and reading all information about this box set in wikipedia and some articles and forums. One said that the original 1982 box set sounds perfect, without pops, buzz, etc. and there are also some bootleg version of this so-called 'bootleg box set' out there.

On the 3rd line on the above text it says "The 2010 Doc Ebbetts Vinyl Remasters".

That's what made me think twice. I'd ask for help to make it clear if these rips are comes from the original 1982 or not?

Bongo Jul 14, 2014 11:58 AM

Wouldn't these new 2014 mono Beatles 180 gram LP's coming be just as good or better? Jul 16, 2014 02:51 AM


Originally Posted by Bongo (Post 1126017)
Wouldn't these new 2014 mono Beatles 180 gram LP's coming be just as good or better?

I'm afraid a full speed mastered vinyl disc can't compares with a half speed mastered vinyl disc from Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab at Wikipedia

The Beatles: The Collection at Wikipedia

wallrus59 Jul 16, 2014 08:06 AM

that is a matter of taste....everyoe knows MFSL eqs their recordings.
i have heard some quite tasty UK original mono. tubecut. all ripped by someone just as good or i'll say better than DESS.

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