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Jerry Jun 13, 2003 07:56 AM

1963-03-16 - BBC Radio - John Lennon & Paul McCartney
March 16, 1963, 10:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.
John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Interviewed by Brian Matthew
Studio 3A, Broadcasting Place, London, United Kingdom
Broadcast Live On BBC Light Programme, Saturday Club #232

BRIAN MATTHEW: How about that? Well now, you've probably read somewhere recently that John Lennon has been out of the act with a dodgy throat, right John?
JOHN: Dodgy, oh very.
BRIAN MATTHEW: But he's back now, as you can hear and he'll be working with the boys tonight I guess.
JOHN: Oh definitely, I joined them last night, yeah.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Good for you. Now, apart from establishing a sort of fashion in hairstyles, clothes, music and everything else, you write songs as well, don't you?
JOHN: Oh, is that what we do?
JOHN: Yeah, we do write songs.
BRIAN MATTHEW: And haven't you written a new one for Kenny Lynch?
JOHN: Kenny Lynch, yes. I don't know when it's out, but...
BRIAN MATTHEW: It's out now.
JOHN: Buy it!
BRIAN MATTHEW: Why didn't you keep it for yourself? It's a great number.
JOHN: Well, you know, he's a friend of ours, Kenny. We met him on the Helen Shapiro tour.
BRIAN MATTHEW: I see. But do you sing this number yourselves?
JOHN: We've done it on our LP!
BRIAN MATTHEW: Out next week.
JOHN: Yes!
BRIAN MATTHEW: Alright, well, let's hear it right now, "Misery"!

BRIAN MATTHEW: I'm beginning to see why nobody can live on the same stage with this outfit, so if Diz Disley, George Melly, or, who is it? Rolf Harris are listening this morning, they've got to introduce these boys at the Albert Hall on April the 18th, and good luck to you, mates. And now let's... from a tremendous stack of requests for "Please Please Me" this week, who's going to read 'em?
PAUL: I'll have a read.
BRIAN MATTHEW: Come on then, let's have this one.
PAUL: Here we go. Uh, first one's for Bar, Jill, Jane and all the Beatles' fans...
JOHN: All the Beatles' fans!
PAUL: From Zu and Viv.
JOHN: Zu and Viv!
BRIAN MATTHEW: Do you mind? Here, we can't have that, let's have another one.
PAUL: Well, this is for Vivian Simmons, in Form 4D, at Becksley Grammar School, yeah, that's it. Becksley Grammar School in Kent.
BRIAN MATTHEW: That's all, and you went to Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent recently, didn't you? The first lot were in the audience.
PAUL: Yeah, this is for Gene, and Gwen, and it's FOR Bud and Stanley.
BRIAN MATTHEW: And now, please please me by belting up and singing "Please Please Me".
PAUL: Yeah.

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