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Original Fan Apr 27, 2000 04:04 PM

Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
In my memory, Sean was not actually born on October 9, but the 10th. Then, as years passed, it was said he was born on his father's birthday -- the 9th. What's up with that?

And, in the end, the love u take is equal to the love u make.

Jerry May 03, 2000 10:48 AM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
I've always heard it was the 9th. Anybody else know anything?


lennon-mccartney May 15, 2000 04:37 AM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
Sean Ono Taro, born October 9, 1975.
And Julian Lennon - John Charles Julian, born April 8, 1963.


lennon-mccartney May 15, 2000 03:48 PM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
Gotta be worth half a quiz point?


Marz May 15, 2000 09:47 PM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
If I were in charge (which I'm not) I'd give you the half point!

lennon-mccartney May 16, 2000 05:24 AM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
Well cheers!
Do Sean or Julian have kids? (not with each other)


lennon-mccartney May 16, 2000 12:42 PM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
That wouldn't surprise me. I feel sorry for Julian. I read somewhere that somebody gave one of John's guitars to Julian some tears back, but Yoko made sure she had it back off him. I don't know how much truth is in that, but, you know.


DrWinstonO'Boogie/VanEdge May 16, 2000 11:42 PM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
i don't know about that.
Original Fan always told me that no one referred to sean being born on the 9th until years later.
nobody ever questions it because it's too fashionable to assume he shares the same birthday as his father, thus making him seem more "authentic" than julian...

just curious to get to the bottom of it.

"...and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make."

DrWinstonO'Boogie/VanEdge May 17, 2000 02:58 PM

Re: Sean Lennon\'s Birthday
if that's true then it's a real shame and all the Yoko haters out there have a pretty strong argument.
that woman is no fool. she knows the value of a $, that's for sure.
i don't think yoko is any more of an authority on John than Julian or Cynthia.

talk about 2 people who completeley got the shaft!

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