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Winston O' Boogie Mar 05, 2017 05:36 PM

The Beatles Albert Dock
I woke up this morning and ran to the desk to write down this track list as it appeared in my dreams about buying the "new" Beatles album in 1970 ... one can dream!

I thought of a title as Albert Dock was flowing in and out of focus as well in my dream .... below is what could be the inner sleeve have yet to envision a album cover but the tracks work so well together as a trip back to their Liverpool roots ....

Even though a few compositions are from "Imagine" (one that was based on a song from 1968) is included here I still think they work just fine regardless of the year recorded ....

Side One
2.Teddy Boy
4.Without Her
5.Every Night
6.Behind That Locked Door
7.Jealous Guy

Side Two
1. What Is Life
2. Maybe I'm Amazed
3. Love
4. It's So Hard
5. Apple Scruffs
6. It Don't Come Easy
7. All Things Must Pass

This album lead single? Ringo's first "It Don't Come Easy" B/W "Junk"

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