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Jerry Jun 13, 2003 08:41 AM

1963-04-01 - BBC Radio - The Beatles
April 1, 1963 - 6:30-10:30 P.M.
The Beatles
Interviewed By John Dunn
Studio One, BBC Piccadilly Studios, London, United Kingdom
Broadcast May 13, 1963, 5:00-5:29 On BBC Light Programme, Side By Side

JOHN: Well, it came in a vision, on a flaming pie! You are Beatles with an "A"! So it came to pass.
JOHN DUNN: I'll buy that one. Paul, Paul, this is your song.
PAUL: Yes, well it's lovely tune. Great favourite of me Auntie Jin's, "A Taste Of Honey".

JOHN DUNN: Who does the musical arranging for the group?
PAUL: Well, I do.
PAUL: Me, really.
GEORGE: Yes, I do.
JOHN DUNN: I see, well look, most of the songs that you sing are original compositions, which of you composes the songs?
ALL: Oh, that's me.
JOHN DUNN: That's what I call togetherness. Well, look, let's get down to brass tacks, the next number, "Thank You Girl", you did write yourself, and who had the original idea?
ALL: Me, mine, I.. I..., me! No I...
JOHN DUNN: I give up, let's hear it!

RINGO: Well, actually, they did give me a go on the LP, and between you and me, I think that's the track that's selling it! And it's a number called "Boys".
JOHN DUNN: Well, I think we should hear it now, Ringo, thank you very much.
RINGO: So do I!

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