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Winston O' Boogie Dec 21, 2015 02:31 PM

Hari Christmas!
Here is wishing you all a very safe and joyous holiday season!

Here is one of my favorite Harrison spiritual tracks to enjoy!

Uncle_Albert Dec 22, 2015 12:46 AM

The song was inspired by, and dedicated to, Paramahansa Yogananda, whose book Autobiography of a Yogi was a great influence on Harrison.

beatlebangs1964 Dec 22, 2015 07:10 PM

beatlebangs1964 Dec 22, 2015 07:13 PM

beatlebangs1964 Dec 22, 2015 07:15 PM

It's that time of year again, folks.

Hari Christmas & Macca New Year
12/24/2009 by Beatle Bangs

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through each house
Not a Beatle fan was stirring,
not even Scouse the Mouse!

The moptops were brushed with loving care,
in hopes that each head would sport Beatle coiffed hair.
Beatle Fans turned in after their hard day's night,
in hopes that they'd have Beatle dreams, cheerful and bright.

When out at Links there was such a clatter,
That everyone shouted for Paul to see to the matter.
A falcon flew by the window with a blackbird in tow,
screeching to Paul, the Blackbird and crow.

Here comes the sun would soon start to shine;
Paul had to sing, so he stalled for some time.
When, to the fans' ever lasting delight,
Paul sang some Beatle tunes before daylight.

With a cheeful toss of his sleek dark mane,
Paul sang and cheered each fan by their name.
"On BeatleBangs, on Rell, On Lynn, and all you
other fans, so how have you been?"

"You've been good fans this year, it is plain to me.
You watch my videos and buy my CDs.
You come to see me from all parts of the world.
Alas, dear fans, this night has unfurled!"

As Good Day Sunshine rose with Here Comes the Sun,
Paul got out his mandolin and strummed in pure fun.
So up got the fans, yeah yeah yeahs loud and clear,
ready to join Paul as they closed out the year.

And then the fans heard the Beatles up on the roof.
Twas the Rooftop Concert, boys Beatle bouffed.
As fans turned their collective heads around,
You could hear cheering and singing and barking of hounds.

Paul was dressed for the day, looking quite chic,
His clothes freshly pressed; his moptop quite sleek.
A Hofner bass was cradled in his arms
As he regaled all with songs and Beatle charms.

Paul's eyes were agleam; his face aglow
As he whipped out his bass to start the show.
His smile warmed the crowd and their hearts,
As the show began after a good start.

The "Pipes of Peace" preceeded "Things We Said Today,"
as his fans sang along to greet the new day.
Paul's face was quite cheery and so were his eyes
As he stood back smiling, revealing his surprise.

Paul was fun and fab, a performer extraordinaire
As his fans took in the his show with great care.
A smile and a nod and a pull of the drape
Left all shocked with mouths agape.

Paul said not a word, but went straight to the stage
And did a tribute to George that moved fans of each age.
Pictures of George and a medley of his songs
reminded all to get back to where they once belong.

Paul sprang to the stage, and gave his crew a big wink.
"George and John are with us in spirit, so what did you think?
Ringo still bangs on the drum for us all; now it's time for some fun.
It's time for us to go, so it's this Band on the Run."

Paul McCartney et al. left their venue at last,
As their Band on the Run travled off first class.
"Hari Christmas to all," shouted the Fabs with delight.
"Hari Christmas to all and to Paul a Good Night!"

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