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FPSHOT Oct 31, 2005 01:28 AM

October Contest Winner
We have a winner for October and that is saziontherun with 8 points.

Congratulations to you saziontherun. Please contact Jerry via a PM and you can pick out your price. According to the Contest rules you can not play the next month, which is November.

This is the total score list

saziontherun - 8
beatlelover45223 - 4
Zimmerman The Gnome - 3
mcm - 2
jesgear - 2
MonaMe577 - 1

Thanks all for playing, there is one question/answer which I may get back on, however the result of that has no influence to the winning score.

I believe Bearkat will do the November contest, so Bearkat, the floor is yours.

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